Finding and comparing becomes
efficient and fast.

SIMILIA WEB SEARCH provides you with a powerful
product for immediate use.



Efficient - Global - Fast... the motto when using our WEB technology.
SIMILIA WEB SEARCH overcomes limitations.
It is easy to use directly as an
out-of-the-box product and flexible for
your specific requirements as an API.



SIMILIA Web Search at a glance

SIMILIA Web Search is the web-based search engine for companies. Find product data from various sources quickly and easily. Using a very powerful search engine, you can find everything you need. Even finding similar parts, articles and components is as easy as it gets. With SIMILIA Web Search you are not bound to system limitations. It runs in modern web browsers from any workplace.
No keywording is required in advance.
The best of all:
The operation is prepared for you and hardly ties up your resources.
You don't need IT specialists to run it.

Security via user login

Access and visibility of data and information is a sensitive issue. Often, not all users are allowed to access the same data. Sometimes the access to data also depends on the location of the company. SIMUFORM meets this security need via the user login. The already available role and rights system in SIMILIA can now be aligned with the WebClient.




you get the WebClient
for the SIMILIA search engine


Try it out for yourself.. 






Consistent "easy-to-use" concept

Uncompromisingly effective: SIMILIA's proven licensing model is also used for SIMILIA Web Search. Thus, SIMILIA Web Search is provided by Global Web Floating Licenses. It combines high availability with high coverage. In this way, everyone in the company can take advantage of the added value.

License sharing extends the use of search queries for the user. In this way, it becomes even more efficient and flexible. This allows a user to use multiple parallel searches in different browser tabs.

Economical and secure operation

You do not need IT experts in your company to implement SIMILIA Web Search. Everything is prepared for you in our operating model. We install, configure and maintain the system remotely in your company. Your data does not leave your territory. They remain securely where they are currently.
It is not a cloud solution.
Updates and upgrades are included in the operating model. You use the solution and have no headache to maintain and service the software.

Geometric similarity search included

It could hardly be any simpler.

Select a reference part in the web browser and start the geometric search with one click. Done! You do not need to draw a model. Searched - found. In seconds. Effortlessly simple. You can use this search from any workplace.

You can also adjust the sharpness of the similarity interactively in the web browser. This is done with a slider. This makes it very easy to look beyond. SIMILIA Web Search can be used quickly and effectively. It does not require expert knowledge.

Barrier-free visualization

You want to visualize parts, components and assemblies? You don't have a CAD workstation? You don't know where the data is located?

No problem. Via SIMILIA Web Search, you activate the visualization of SIMILIA with one click. This accesses the stored visualization data directly. In this way, you can quickly and easily see, measure or cut the 3D data.

SAFETY FIRST! The 3D data can only be visualized. Copying or exporting the data is not permitted for security reasons.

Advanced integration via WEB-API

Embedding the search functions in your special core applications is also possible. We provide WEB API functionality for this purpose. In this way, the search engine including the geometric search can be seamlessly embedded in your ERP, SAP and PLM systems.

Thus, the WEB-API can be integrated into your software landscape using standardized protocols (e.g. JSON) and queries. Contact us and let us know. Here, too, there are prepared solutions for your company.

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