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Leading companies of all sizes and industries have been relying on SIMILIA for years. Our innovative and advanced software for 3D search, geometric search and automated data monitoring provides added value to our customers. Here are some examples of success stories that we are authorised to publish. Credible opinions and references that simply count.



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With the SIMILIA software, you have access to all relevant data in the shortest possible time, without having to search through your inventory manually as you used to. See for yourself how leading companies are already using the software solution. Download now our free Use Cases.


Volkmar Knipps
Construction manager
Friedrich Boysen GmbH & Co. KG

"The ease of use and intuitive search functions - even for complex technical specifications - is impressive. In combination with the high-quality visualization, SIMILIA is very useful for us in our daily work."

Stefan Dehnert
Technical Office Manager
Murtfeldt Kunststoffe GmbH & Co. KG

"Our goal was to make our grown information structure more manageable for the application area. SIMUFORM was able to convince us, and was able to meet our requirements with SIMILIA."

Uses SIMILIA since 2012.

Bernhardt Muth
Division Manager Design
STURM Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH

"We avoid duplication of work in plant design and save on new master data. Overall, a sensible and sustainable purchase."

Uses SIMILIA since 2014.

Wilfried Roser
IT Manager
kocher-plastik Maschinenbau GmbH

"SIMILIA is integrated with Windchill and our ERP. We use it in the design, AV and NC departments for the purpose of reusing routings and NC programs. It helps us avoid unnecessary effort."

Uses SIMILIA since 2014.

Ray Wünsche
ACTech GmbH

speed up the processing of customer inquiries, reduce the spread in calculations and optimize production times. The connection with the PDA system increases efficiency in the operational environment because we improve resource and production planning."

Uses SIMILIA since 2012.


Joint technical publication with the BMW Group

"...Mit der Software-Lösung von SIMUFORM startet die BMW Group ein Projekt zur nachhaltigen Nutzung bereits entwickelter Lösungen. Über Fachbereichsgrenzen hinweg sorgt die Software SIMILIA für effiziente Produkt- und Prozessentwicklung, die Wirtschaftlichkeit des anwendenden Unternehmens wächst. Die Konstruktion und Entwicklung, das Projektmanagement und der technische Einkauf können somit verbunden werden. ..."

Volker Wörmann
sema Systemtechnik GmbH

"We are highly satisfied with the application and installation. Purchasing has had demonstrable success with the increased proportion of default prices. We get price certainty and reduced prices."

Olaf Holzapfel

"As a medium-sized with
manageable IT capacities, software projects must not be
projects should not become a permanent construction site. We were a bit skeptical at the beginning. In the meantime, we can sign: SIMUFORM convinces all along the line. Both in function and in continuous operation."

Markus Conrady
Head of Construction & Development
Aug. Winkhaus GmbH & Co. KG

"We have been using SIMILIA very successfully for several years. It has established itself as a very useful and sensible software in product development. In the meantime, it is also linked to SAP. This gives us additional added value in the process chain. SIMILIA is a reliable software, easy to use. Therefore, we are happy to recommend it."

Karsten Lilge
IT Project Manager
apt Extrusions GmbH

"The installation and introduction of SIMILIA was prepared and implemented very professionally. The connection to our system landscape with PDM and ERP was carried out without any problems with our cooperation. Readjustments were implemented quickly after a review. Our requests to support are handled quickly and professionally."

Production engineering | Toolmaking | Moldmaking

"The support and care provided by SIMUFORM were very good and impeccable from the very beginning. Over time, the quality has not diminished in any way. We enjoy working with this product."

Stefan Niehues, Technical development and CAD administration
Aug. Winkhaus GmbH & Co. KG

Mechanical engineering, special mechanical engineering and asset engineering

"It is of great benefit to our users to be able to browse the entire database to find similar parts, use alternative blanks or check availability. The search options are simple and flexible. Even searching from within the CAD system is possible. A very convincing solution".

Jochen Exner, Head of construction and development
CENTA Antriebe Kirschey GmbH

Automotive and suppliers

"With SIMILIA, we benefit in particular in cost calculation and in AV. We shorten our process flows with it. The added value is clearly evident."

Klaus Liehr, CEO
S.M.A. Metalltechnik GmbH

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