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Find drawings directly in the CAD system Compare and visualise results Filter by attributes, dimensions, prices




Develop cost-consciously

Shorten processing times

Avoid doing twice the work

Maximize reuse

Many industry leaders have trusted SIMILIA for years

With SIMILIA, you reduce product costs at an early stage through reuse, you avoid duplication of work and systematically reduce your throughput times. You contain the diversity of parts in your company and establish an economical common parts strategy. With SIMILIA, you are not subject to the limitations of classic classification. There is no need to maintain characteristics. You retain your familiar processes and accelerate your product development with SIMILIA. Use freed-up resources in new development projects.


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The use in design & development

Wouldn't it be great to always have an overview of the entire data stock as the number of parts and variants increases? Usually, you only have a limited amount of drawing data on your personal radar. With SIMILIA, you can see everything and find everything in seconds. Based on drawings and 3D sketches, SIMILIA helps you find similar or identical drawing parts, assemblies and components. You can use the attributes for matching and filtering at the same time. In this way, you increase the reuse of components and systematically reduce the variety of parts.

Directly from the CAD system

Find the right parts directly from your CAD system without any detours. You are about to define your model initially. This way, you can directly find the similar parts and assemblies in your inventory in seconds for the current design status.

Control the sharpness of the similarity interactively. In this way, you can always look beyond the edge of your nose to see what other drawing parts are available in your inventory. SIMILIA automatically creates the dimensional reference so that you can then also install your parts.

Best of all, you can refine your search using available attributes.

Simply overlay 3D data for comparison

After you have found the right parts, you want to see the deviations. In SIMILIA, you automatically overlay the 3D data and have the deviations marked. The most effective means for this is the red-green comparison. The superimposition of the models is fully automatic without any manual interaction. The user can make a readjustment if necessary.

This does not require a CAD workstation. A CAD viewer is already integrated in SIMILIA.


Whether you want to visualize a component or assembly from your inventory or an external component from the customer or supplier easily and quickly. With SIMILIA this is no problem. You don't need any additional CAD or viewer licenses. Everything is already included in SIMILIA. Visualizing has never been so fast and so easy.


The little things are most important? Use SIMILIA to interactively create sections through your model and take a look at the "inner workings" of your models. Especially in the case of overlays, you will be interested in overlaps inside the components. It could hardly be any simpler.

Integrated dimensioning

You want to read a measurement on the model? No problem. In SIMILIA, dimensioning lengths, distances and radii is effortlessly easy. Everything is done without additional CAD software. SIMILIA - one solution for everything: Find - Compare - Visualize.

Advantage: This allows you to make a decision directly without having to repeat the comparison in a CAD program or ask for support in other departments.

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With SIMILIA you can find all your components and assemblies in seconds. 

See for yourself. 

Our modules for special customer requirements

SIMILIA AUTOMATION - Integrated search

Integrated into your ERP system, you can conveniently start the SIMILIA software using the SIMILIA AUTOMATION extension without having to launch a separate application.

You do not leave your familiar work interface and benefit from the clear presentation of all data relevant for work preparation and production. You can display the results of your search in the browser or in an Excel spreadsheet. Accelerate the processes and continuously utilize the capacity of your production.

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GATEKEEPER - Check data

Before you create new parts lists, workflows or CNC programs, use the GATEKEEPER extension to check your database for similar or identical parts.

Defined automatisms trigger data checking processes. If you have found reusable documents, you save valuable resources and avoid duplication of work. Existing expertise from past customer orders can be used and helps to continuously improve quality in production.

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A complex set of rules is no longer necessary with the use of SIMILIA CLASSFICATION TOOLKIT for the classification of your 3D models.

With the help of SIMILIA's sophisticated algorithm, 3D drawing parts are clustered or classified according to their geometric similarity to each other. Associated master data is also taken into account. In this way, you obtain a simple structuring of your data and can easily check the "varietal purity" of your inventory data.

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Duplicates or duplicates are a horror for any company. They act like a disruptive fire and are like sand in the gears of business processes. This results in unnecessary and avoidable costs. The costs propagate along the entire process chain and increase tenfold from stage to stage (rule of ten).

SIMILIA DUPLICATE SEARCH can be used to check the entire dataset for geometric duplicates. In combination with a decision logic, attributes or master data can also be included in the matching process. In combination with SIMILIA GATEKEEPER, this is an excellent solution for initially and permanently getting rid of duplicates.

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SIMILIA is impressively useful for Boysen

"The simple use and intuitive search functions - even for complex technical specifications - is impressive. In combination with the high-quality visualization, SIMILIA is very useful for us in our daily work. SIMILIA reduces our parts diversity"

Volkmar Knipps, Construction manager
Friedrich Boysen GmbH & Co. KG | Altensteig

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