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Our download area for additional information, resources and materials. Here you will find everything you need to expand your knowledge and find out about our latest products and solutions.



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Compiled compactly and clearly

Download the compact information on SIMILIA here. Get a quick overview.


Reduce material costs with PRODUCT INTELLIGENCE

With SIMILIA PRODUCT INTELLIGENCE, you can demonstrably reduce your material costs. Learn how you can efficiently generate quick wins.

Download Brochures & Product Information

10 tips for companies to save money

A guide with figures - data - facts from 15 years of IT experience in industrial practice for entrepreneurs, managers and team leaders.

Just-in-time PLM Migration & PLM Merge

With SIMILIA & Just-in-time PLM Migration of your data from different systems. Learn how to efficiently migrate data and save costs.

Modern Target Costing

With SIMILIA BOM Compare Process (BCP) you optimize the Target Costing in purchasing. Read how modern purchasing optimizes procurement processes today.

SIMILIA Product brochure

Find out in our product brochure why leading industrial companies are already using the software solution.

SIMILIA Automation

The integrated 3D search engine for your own ERP, PDM, PLM or CAD system. More efficient in product development.




Learn how to capture duplicates at the speed of light in our DATA Cleansing infographic.


Learn about the benefits & opportunities of 3D Data Mining in our free brochure.

Purchasing 4.0

Efficiently optimize operational and strategic purchasing - three steps to success.

The geometric similarity search

Possible applications & advantages of geometric similarity search in industrial companies. What you should know as a decision maker.

Downloads Use Cases / Referenzberichte

Use Cases / Reference reports

Find out in our use cases why leading industrial companies are already using the software solution.

Download price list

Prices & Configurations

Here you can get your price list with complete function overview for SIMILIA 4.0.

Let's face it, nothing beats seeing the software live in action, right?

In our free webinars, we show you in just 20 minutes how you too can find and compare your 3D & master data faster than ever before.

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Senior Sales Expert

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CEO & Process Expert

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In a 15-minute meeting, we will work together to determine the optimum location for SIMILIA in your company.

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