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Geometric similarity search and geometric search for CAD data, product data and master data.



Geometric similarity search and geometric search for CAD data integrated in SIMILIA

The geometric similarity search ffor CAD data and for product data with SIMILIA is one of the leading software products on the market. It is probably the simplest and most effective solution for a geometric part search. Finding CAD data is child's play with it. It can also be used to find production parts quickly. In this way, customer inquiries can be matched in no time at all. Parts and assemblies can thus be found very quickly. This works without tedious classification.

The amount of data in companies today is increasing rapidly. At the same time, processes are becoming more complex and requirements are higher. Price pressure is increasing. Consequently, the efficiency of work must increase. Minimizing friction loss is very important. SIMILIA is a great support here. It can be used in costing, in design and development, in work preparation and in purchasing.

This avoids duplication of work. Friction losses are minimized. Redundancies and multiple installations are thus a thing of the past.


Compare data quickly and easily

Traditional data management systems are not designed to find, compare and visualize similar data.

Here the software intervenes SIMILIA from SIMUFORM with the high-performance geometric search or geometric similarity search. The solution approach of the SIMILIA software solution aims to meet this challenge at the lowest possible cost. SIMILIA makes the data and information transparent and accelerates BROWSEN, the targeted finding of information and 3D models exorbitantly. This reveals new savings potential, accelerates product development processes and saves costs. SIMILIA opens up completely new possibilities in cost calculation and sales, enabling you to increase your competitiveness enormously and make your departments more efficient. In addition to technological maturity, product maturity is also important for operational use. SIMILIA has both! Our customer testimonials prove this.

Geometric similarity search with SIMILIA

SIMILIA works without tedious classification

For the use of SIMILIA, the Search Engine for your 3D CAD data, the geometric similarity search solution, your existing data does not need to be classified or structured. The setup does not require a complex service. Even the training is done in about two hours... Anyone who can operate a PC can also work with SIMILIA.

Flexible licensing and high availability

Similia has a very flexible licensing model. It is very economical and includes the permanent operation of the software on your IT landscape. It is not a cloud solution. The licensing model is very attractive for both small businesses and large enterprises and hardly ties up any internal capacity.

Read here what you need to know from the Introduction of geometric similarity search and how to deal with the geometric similarity search can save money.

A cross-system software for finding data

SIMILIA software from SIMUFORM for geometric similarity search (geometric search) identifies similar and identical 3D CAD data from the past. At the same time, further similar geometries can be sorted according to their similarities. Automated linking with metadata and metainformation from PDM, ERP, DMS and other storage media extends the range of functions and depth of use. At the same time, the economic benefit increases in practical use.

Although no Classification is required, SIMILIA can also automatically classify your CAD models according to their similarity. This gives you an additional support.

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