Target costing and target cost analysis are effective methods of achieving savings.

SIMILIA provides solutions.

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Purchasing & Procurement

Wouldn't it be helpful to identify the same or similar items in inventory with prices and matching suppliers after a release? Gain a 360 degree view of existing supplier and core data with SIMILIA solutions for purchasing. Reference your prices, scale prices and check offer prices in seconds. With SIMILIA solutions for purchasing, you can optimize your procurement processes in a simple but sustainable way.

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Target Costing und Zielkostenanalyse im Einkauf optimieren.

Optimizing target costing and target cost analysis in purchasing are essential tasks supported by SIMILIA.

Target costing and target cost analysis in purchasing with modern IT methods are very effective tools. Quick wins can be generated with them. At the same time, the effort required to use this method is very manageable. SIMILIA's automated BOM-Compare-Process (BCP) supports purchasing in target costing and target cost evaluation.


Very large quantities of item inventories and a lot of master data make the purchasing department's job more difficult.

Determining the best prices and suitable suppliers is then very challenging. In such situations, purchasing cannot see the obvious and runs the risk of buying at unfavorable prices without knowing what to expect.

With SIMILIA you automatically record from which supplier you already purchase the same or similar parts, and at which prices and quantities. You use this information for future inquiries and specify prices. Automated data reconciliation and a clear report provide you with efficient support in your day-to-day work. Purchasing can work more successfully and quickly activate savings potential. You realize sustainable savings through better purchase prices and through a higher proportion of default prices. At the same time, you gain more price security.

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Extensions & Add-ons for SIMILIA in Purchasing & Procurement


SIMILIA BCP TARGET COSTING can be used to automatically compare mass parts lists or new article numbers with the actual article stock. BCP stands for BOM Compare Process, i.e. a comparison of article or master data. In this way, identical or similar articles are recorded with the corresponding prices, suppliers and purchasing conditions. The result of the comparison is summarized in a report for further processing (e.g. Excel).

All information relevant to the procurement process is clearly displayed in this way for comparison. The buyer sees immediately for which new article there are already other very similar articles. He can also see at which price, in which quantity and at which delivery conditions these were purchased, when the last order was placed or whether there are graduated prices. All this is automated and makes your procurement work easier.

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Joint technical publication with the BMW Group

"...With the software solution from SIMUFORM, the BMW Group is launching a project for the sustainable use of solutions that have already been developed. Across departmental boundaries, the SIMILIA software ensures efficient product and process development, the profitability of the applying company grows. Design and development, project management and technical purchasing can thus be linked. ..."

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