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Purchasing & Procurement


With SIMILIA through target costing
and target cost analyses
to achieve effective savings.





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Support target costing

Achieve the best purchasing prices

Gain more price certainty

Many industry leaders have trusted SIMILIA for years

In purchasing and procurement, SIMILIA opens up numerous advantages for you. You can quickly identify the best prices and suitable suppliers by accessing extensive data on parts and costs already purchased. The automated data reconciliation function and the clear report efficiently support your purchasing process. This enables you to work successfully and make the most of potential savings. Through better purchase prices and optimised default pricing, you achieve sustainable savings.


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The use in purchasing & procurement

Wouldn't it be helpful to identify identical or similar items in stock with prices and matching suppliers after a release? Gain a 360-degree view of existing supplier and master data with SIMILIA solutions for purchasing. Reference your prices, scale prices and check offer prices in seconds. With SIMILIAL solutions for purchasing, you can optimise your procurement processes in a simple but sustainable way.

Target Costing & Target Cost Analysis

SIMILIA supports essential tasks such as target costing and target cost analysis in purchasing and optimises them efficiently. By using modern IT methods, target costing and target cost analysis become extremely effective tools for generating quick wins. The best thing about it is that the effort required to use this method is very manageable. SIMILIA's automated BOM Compare Process (BCP) is particularly helpful in helping Purchasing set and evaluate cost targets.
This enables purchasing to optimise procurement processes and save valuable resources.



Identify the best prices and suppliers

The work of purchasing is complicated by very large quantities of item inventories and numerous master data. The challenge is to identify the best prices and suitable suppliers. In this complex environment, purchasing often cannot see the wood for the trees and runs the risk of unknowingly buying at unfavourable prices.

Work more successfully with SIMILIA

SIMILIA offers a solution to these problems. With the help of the software, you can automatically determine from which suppliers you already purchase the same or similar parts and at what prices and quantities. You can use this valuable information for future enquiries and thus set targeted prices. The automated data comparison and a clear report efficiently support the purchasing department in its daily work. The result: Purchasing can work more successfully and quickly activate savings potential. You realise sustainable savings through better purchase prices and a higher proportion of default prices. At the same time, you gain more price security for your procurement processes.


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With SIMILIA you can optimise your purchasing processes.

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Our modules for special customer requirements

SIMILIA AUTOMATION - Integrated search

Integrated into your ERP system, you can conveniently start the SIMILIA software using the SIMILIA AUTOMATION extension without having to launch a separate application.

You do not leave your familiar work interface and benefit from the clear presentation of all data relevant for work preparation and production. You can display the results of your search in the browser or in an Excel spreadsheet. Accelerate the processes and continuously utilize the capacity of your production.

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Joint technical publication with the BMW Group

"...With the software solution from SIMUFORM, the BMW Group is launching a project for the sustainable use of solutions that have already been developed. Across departmental boundaries, the SIMILIA software ensures efficient product and process development, the profitability of the applying company grows. Design and development, project management and technical purchasing can thus be linked. ..."

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