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SIMUFORM® Search Solutions GmbH

Your specialist for optimized parts management and process acceleration in Assets- and Mechanical Engineering, in the area of Automotive and Moldmaking & Tooling, Parts manufacturer as well as Agricultural technology, Civil Engineering and Engineering.

SIMUFORM Search Solutions GmbH is your expert for geometric similarity search and optimization of parts management.

The core business of the SIMUFORM Search Solutions GmbH iis the supply of software solutions for geometric search and Similarity search throughout the corporate environment via the SIMILIA product range.

The combination of geometric search functions with a wide range of filter and visualization functions offers customers from the mechanical engineering and automotive sectors greater efficiency in the exploitation of inventory data.

The direct result is an increase in profitability and a significant reduction in development, design and quotation costs. With the company-wide SIMILIA solution, the focus for SIMUFORM is on sustainable cost reduction in the value chain.

The development of the software products is based on established methods of quality assurance in IT, state-of-the-art IT technologies and secure encryption procedures to maintain data security.

The professional support accompanies our customers with a high level of service.

SIMUFORM Search Solutions GmbH employs only highly qualified IT experts and engineers. This also ensures our service quality.

Today, more than 10 years of experience and customer feedback have gone into the development of the SIMILIA software.


The mission of SIMUFORM Search Solutions GmbH is to find all relevant data in the product development process, make it accessible, comparable and useful by means of geometric search.


We are leading partner for business customers in the field of geometric search. SIMILIA software makes our customers more economical and competitive and accelerates the process of product development in the simplest, most effective and fastest way.


We develop our software for the people who use it and for companies that want to optimize their product development processes. Our customers animate us to revolutionize the product development process and develop forward-looking parts management solutions with passion, innovation and attention to detail.


The values help us to achieve our goals. They form the stable basis of our actions.


SIMILIA is simple, in integration and in use. With SIMILIA you can find the information you are looking for in the simplest way.


"Not possible” - with us, that does not exist. We realize every individual customer requirement for small, medium-sized and large companies. Already well-known companies have been successfully using our software solutions for years.


SIMUFORM looks back on many years of development. There is an enormous wealth of experience of engineering knowledge and professional programming in the SIMILIA software. We value our employees and our customers equally.


We find your data, without crashes, without failures and are always compatible with the latest file formats.


What others offer as a tool is our core competence. What others call complex, we solve in seconds with a lot of passion. We are simply faster, simply better.


SIMILIA creates a unique competitive advantage by accelerating all product development processes and thus offers enormous cost-saving potential in every single process step for small, medium-sized and large companies in B2B. With us, you can find your data throughout the entire company - FASTER!

Why do customers increasingly choose SIMILIA?

SIMUFORM Search Solutions GmbH is one of the leading software manufacturers for geometric similarity search in Germany. As an independent company, we develop high-quality software solutions to accelerate product development processes and increase our customers' profitability, directly at our location in Dortmund. To this end, we work particularly closely with our customers. We always respond openly and flexibly to our customers' wishes. In doing so, we are characterized by a consistently high level of service.

SIMUFORM® Just Better.

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