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Utilise your 3D & master data with SIMILIA and gain an overview of your data in seconds.

The combination of powerful search functions with innovative filter, visualisation and automation functions makes SIMILIA a tool for everyday use.


SIMILIA's added value at a glance


Simple and intuitive operation | Installed quickly​​​​​​​ | Safe and robust operation


Floating licenses | Maintenance and operation included | Cancellable annually


Integration + installation at a fixed price | Connectivity to any system​​​​​​​ | Not a cloud


Expand the data sources | Expand your areas of application

Access, compare and use data with SIMILIA.

All data under control with one software

As a stand-alone or integrated solution in your ERP, PDM, CAD or PLM system, the SIMILIA software serves you as a clear data cockpit. You gain a 360-degree view of all relevant data in your company. In a matter of seconds, you can obtain search results for several 100,000 items consisting of 3D, 2D and core data. You can filter the results as you wish, export them to Excel tables or compare them. Find your data easily and quickly with SIMILIA.


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The benefits of SIMILIA for your company:

Optimized data management

SIMILIA gives you an overview of your data from different systems. Data that belongs together is clearly displayed in one interface. A wide variety of formats, such as 3D, 2D and master data, are used according to your needs. With the intelligent functions of SIMILIA you optimize the data in your company and establish a sustainable data management. Search times for already existing information are reduced and can be easily reused.

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Faster product development

By using SIMILIA, you can find similar or identical models with the associated metadata in your inventory even before you develop a new product. Use existing designs or even just sections of them for your new development and avoid duplication of work. Don't start from scratch, but benefit from the knowledge of past projects. Even purchased parts can be compared and similar parts can be identified.


Improved part management

Countless new data sets are created in processing companies every day. The overview of the variety of parts and their characteristics can quickly be lost. Different departments work decentrally in different systems. With SIMILIA, you establish a data cockpit in your company and gain a 360-degree view of your data. Avoid duplicates and establish a strategic parts management with SIMILIA and the powerful extensions & add-ons.

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Duplicate reduction

Already during product creation, you can use SIMILIA to search for similar or identical parts to avoid duplicates and doing twice the work. Check your data stock for duplicates and sort out parts that have been created more than once after the check. SIMILIA also makes your work easier when migrating data to a new ERP, PDM, CAD or PLM system and lets you identify duplicates before the changeover. Use the GATEKEEPER and the DUPLICATE SEARCH extension in addition to SIMILIA.

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3D data classification

Classification without complex rules becomes the new standard with SIMILIA and the intelligent extensions & add-ons. Save time as well as effort, and classify with the help of geometries. The original data remains untouched. Structuring is done interactively without a fixed set of rules and is then applied automatically. This method is highly flexible and can be used across departments in your company. Part diversification is systematically and quickly contained.

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Reuse of expertise

The knowledge in your company is your greatest asset. Use this know-how consistently by systematically preparing data again and again. SIMILIA helps you to search, compare and use 3D, 2D & master data. Establish a sustainable data and parts management. Accelerate finding data and be more efficient than your competition.

Use Cases

Reduction of search and processing times

SIMILIA accelerates the browsing, the targeted finding of information and 3D models in your ERP, PDM, CAD and PLM systems. In sales, design or purchasing, you save valuable time and process your projects faster using the available data. Have you saved time? Take a look at our blog and find out about current topics related to SIMILIA.


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