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for industrial applications

are the

for your company.


Our technology of geometric similarity
search technology with intelligent data networking
is the mega booster for your business processes.
Achieve a lot in a very short time.
Increase productivity.
Reduce costs.


...means working efficiently and using its resources in an environmentally friendly way. The reuse of existing data and information is therefore important for sustainability.
SIMILIA finds existing articles, components, processes and knowledge. It shows useful alternatives and preferred data for reuse.
All these are your resources. SIMILIA is the simple form of sustainability for your company.


Economic - Efficient - Sustainable



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Intelligent networking of your data ensures efficient business processes.

A cross-site and cross-system view of data and information increases efficiency and demonstrably reduces costs.
Our digital twin is automatically enriched with data and information. This gives heterogeneous data a clear reference point. From this reference point, you jump to the respective source system.

Digitization within the company...

...always starts with the inventory.
Heterogeneous data becomes homogeneous with SIMILIA.
With digital twins and modern search technology
we create intelligent networks for your
successful digitization.



SIMILIA - Seeing through in seconds.

Wherever daily friction losses due to tedious searches for data and information occur and slow you down, SIMILIA is the optimal search engine. It is an intelligent search engine with 3D engine for geometric search. Thus it supports specifically different application areas.

From the Calculation and the Construction and engineering up to the Work preparation and in Purchasing.

With SIMILIA you FIND similar drawing parts, COMPARE incoming customer inquiries with inventory data or VISUALIZE differences of part variants in seconds. Without effort. Without classification. Guaranteed.

In this way, SIMILIA increases your efficiency and boosts your competitiveness. Medium-sized companies and industry leaders have trusted SIMILIA for years.

This way you get an overview of all important information in seconds.


Find 3D, 2D & product data on thousands of items in seconds.


Reliable and accurate search results with adjustable search sharpness.


Network licenses allow flexible use - in an annual subscription.


Fully automated and robust updating of data.

SIMILIA: The power additive with logic.

It is used everywhere in the company when data and information must be available quickly. It doesn't matter where the data originates. It is a very effective additive for business processes throughout the company. This way the Purchasing match large bills of materials and use them to check suppliers and prices. The Designer can quickly find similar variants or existing similar parts and assemblies. In the Calculation incoming customer requests are matched in seconds. Work preparation quickly validates work plans and resource deployment. Management has reports generated on item and cost structure. Everything is done in the blink of an eye.

The basis for SIMILIA forms our powerful search engine with integrated 3D engine for the geometric search.

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Our product promise is confirmed by long-standing customers.

Volker Wörmann
sema Systemtechnik GmbH

"We are highly satisfied with the application and installation. Purchasing has had demonstrable success with the increased proportion of default prices. We get price certainty and reduced prices."

Olaf Holzapfel

"As a medium-sized with
manageable IT capacities, software projects must not be
projects should not become a permanent construction site. We were a bit skeptical at the beginning. In the meantime, we can sign: SIMUFORM convinces all along the line. Both in function and in continuous operation."

Markus Conrady
Head of Construction & Development
Aug. Winkhaus GmbH & Co. KG

"We have been using SIMILIA very successfully for several years. It has established itself as a very useful and sensible software in product development. In the meantime, it is also linked to SAP. This gives us additional added value in the process chain. SIMILIA is a reliable software, easy to use. Therefore, we are happy to recommend it."

Karsten Lilge
IT Project Manager
apt Extrusions GmbH

"The installation and introduction of SIMILIA was prepared and implemented very professionally. The connection to our system landscape with PDM and ERP was carried out without any problems with our cooperation. Readjustments were implemented quickly after a review. Our requests to support are handled quickly and professionally."

What is geometric similarity search?

Users often wonder what is meant by geometric similarity search in the first place, how it works and where it can be applied. Perhaps you will find answers to some of the questions about this topic environment here.

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Checklist for the introduction of geometric component search.

The first step has already been taken. You are seriously thinking about systematizing parts usage in your company. What should you think about if you want to introduce such a solution in your company? Here you will find the answers.

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DATA CLEANSING - How to clean up your item inventory?

Using modern and established methods, data cleansing, or the cleansing of drawing parts, is an efficient approach to capturing duplicates or duplicate parts in the item inventory and eliminating them permanently. Learn how here.

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Contact us and get to know SIMILIA in a live demo.

In a free live demo, we will show you how you too can find and compare your 3D & master data faster than ever before. See for yourself why leading companies from various industries are already thrilled about SIMILIA software and our solutions.

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