The SIMILIA software

Our floating licenses have a very high range and availability. They are not bound to names or users and can be used throughout the entire company. For example, 15 to 20 users can be supplied via 3 licenses, as the software is immediately available again after use.

Installation packages at a fixed price

We offer installation and connection to your IT systems at a fixed price. You therefore bear no risk and can determine the costs very clearly. These are one-time costs that are independent of the number of licenses.

SIMILIA Web Search

The GLOBAL-WEB-floating licenses have a particularly high range and availability. They are not bound to names or users and can be used throughout the entire company worldwide. Via Lincence Shares, the user can work across multiple browser windows.

Installation package for the web server for a fixed price

We offer the installation and configuration of the Node.js web server for a fixed price. These are one-time costs that are independent of the number of licenses.

SIMILIA Web Server

We offer our own Node.js web server directly for SIMILIA WEB SEARCH. This is preconfigured. A powerful overall package.

SIMILIA Automation and Intelligence Solutions

With our extended products and process specific know-how we have additional solutions for different application areas in companies.





BOYSEN is already using SIMILIA

"The commissioning of SIMILIA caused us hardly any effort internally. The integration into the CAD-PDM landscape was very well prepared. After about three weeks, we were able to use the solution productively."

Ulf Hellwig
EDP department
Friedrich Boysen GmbH & Co. KG

Frequently asked questions:


What is required for the installation?

For the installation of SIMILIA and the associated software components (database, license manager, etc.) we only need a "bare" VM or hardware with a Microsoft Windows operating system and remote access.

What do I have to consider for our IT / EDP?

IT-relevant information is always foreign to business users. You are not alone in this, because many users in companies feel the same way. This is where we step in and are happy to help free of charge. With a technical clarification meeting, we can act as a link between the user and IT / EDP to discuss all the necessary topics in advance and in a comprehensible manner. This way the IT / EDP can determine their effort quite precisely and you as a user will not have a headache dealing with it.

How high is our needed installation effort?

The net internal effort in the company for IT can be estimated to around 2 to 3 days. It depends on which systems are being connected. For example, the effort for the Basic package (1 to 1.5 days) is less than for the Premium package (2 to 3 days).

What is the installation procedure?

You have decided to use SIMILIA and are now afraid of having a lot of work on your hands? Not with us, because we take care of the entire installation and configuration in just 3 steps.

- We start the workshop with a clear agenda. Here we discuss everything in an understandable way, step by step. The basis is our standardized process. We make sure that nothing is forgotten.
- After that, prepare everything and install the software via remote access after coordination with your IT / EDP.
- After successful testing, we release the software for use and arrange training.

Done. After 2 to 3 weeks everything is ready for operation.

1) Floating EMEA destination: UTC -01 to UTC +03 (other time zones require separate licensing).   2) 690 EUR per additional CAD reader (CATIA V4 / CATIA V5 / NX / Parasolid / Pro/E - Creo / Inventor / SolidWorks / SolidEdge / IGS / JT / VDAFS / PLMXML other formats on request).   3) Price per floating license per year.    4) Additional special customizations will be charged according to daily rate at 1.180 EUR (net).   5) According to the standardized process, relevant data sources can be easily connected with the help of your EDP. Your advantage: installation at a fixed price; your internal effort: approx. 2-3 days, depending on the system.

Notes: On-site training plus 1.935 EUR in DE + travel flat rate by arrangement. All prices net plus VAT.
Subject to change without notice. Status: 01/2023

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