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SIMILIA supports your cost calculation in an efficient way. Calculation by geometric component comparison is the essential keyword here. It is plausible. It is fast. It is effective.

Cost calculation in toolmaking

This is how SIMILIA supports you with calculation in tool making and mold making: Today, customer inquiries are predominantly accompanied by CAD data. With SIMILIA, you can immediately compare this data with your entire IST data stock (old inquiries + projects). You can see in seconds at which price and on which basis you have already created offers or won projects. This information supports the calculation in the tool shop to create a valid offer in the shortest time possible. This means you are faster than the competition. New employees have immediate access to process knowledge. The error rate is reduced. Price dispersion is reduced. The order probability increases. Your success increases.


The difference to expensive calculation software: Other solutions require a complex classification, a set of rules and an allocation of the required work processes with operating resources, prices and hourly rates. From this combination, if the values are correctly adjusted, a calculation can be made based on the work steps and production technology. This is very complex, time-consuming and expensive. The gain in accuracy compared to calculation support using geometric part comparison is about 5%. The very high effort to implement and maintain the system usually does not justify the slightly higher accuracy. Here, too, the offer is readjusted by the expert. This is how many industry leaders and medium-sized companies choose SIMILIA.

Leading companies rely on SIMILIA for costing

Especially in tool making, companies can only be competitive with outstanding quality of their services. Tools from ASIA are offered at prices that would not even cover the material price of toolmakers from Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Hence, there is a very tough war of prices. No company can afford to use software that is not used for market advantage. That is why leading and innovative companies rely on SIMILIA.

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Extensions & Add-ons for SIMILIA in Sales and Calculation


SIMILIA AUTOMATION (SIA) enables automated comparison of CAD data in a batch process. It can be integrated into any system that is to compare geometry or assemblies automatically. Examples are the automated comparison of incoming customer inquiries, automated comparison of CAD data with preferred parts or factory standard parts in standardization and norming. SIA can be used wherever 3D data is located, to be compared for the purpose of controlling subsequent processes.

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