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Calculation & Project Planning

Simple, fast and plausiblematch incoming enquiries.
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Quick calculation through component comparison

Simple operation
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Many industry leaders have trusted SIMILIA for years

With SIMILIA you can immediately compare this data with your entire ACTUAL data stock (old enquiries + projects). You can see in seconds at what price and on what basis you have already prepared offers or won projects. Calculation through geometric component comparison is the keyword here. Today, customer enquiries are predominantly accompanied by CAD data.  SIMILIA supports your cost calculation in an efficient manner. This makes your company even more competitive and profitable.


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The use in the calculation in toolmaking

Wouldn't it be helpful to be able to immediately compare your customer data with the entire ACTUAL data stock (consisting of old enquiries and projects)? SIMILIA allows you to compare customer enquiries, which are nowadays mainly accompanied by CAD data, with previously created quotations and completed projects in a matter of seconds. A comprehensive overview helps you to carry out a precise calculation in toolmaking and to create a binding quotation within the shortest possible time - a decisive advantage over your competitors.

Efficient costing without unnecessary complexity

SIMILIA is a simple and cost-effective alternative to expensive costing software. Other solutions require complex classification, sets of rules and extensive assignments of workflows, which is time-consuming and expensive. The gain in accuracy compared to costing support using geometric part comparison is only about 5%. The introduction and maintenance of such systems usually do not justify the expense.
SIMILIA, on the other hand, enables efficient costing without the complexity and high costs of other solutions.



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With SIMILIA, you can optimise your
costing and project planning.

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Our modules for special customer requirements


SIMILIA AUTOMATION (SIA) enables automated comparison of CAD data in a batch process. It can be integrated into any system that is to compare geometry or assemblies automatically. Examples are the automated comparison of incoming customer inquiries, automated comparison of CAD data with preferred parts or factory standard parts in standardization and norming. SIA can be used wherever 3D data is located, to be compared for the purpose of controlling subsequent processes.

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