Simplified cost calculation
with Artificial Intelligence


SIMILIA AI COST CALCULATOR creates individual cost estimates
cost estimates that are tailored to the needs of your
needs of your company.


Targeted - Time-saving - Safe ...

Targeted - Time-saving - Safe ...
... these three key principles form the basis
of our latest expansion SIMILIA AI COST CALCULATOR.
At a time when efficiency and accuracy are crucial,
the way we do cost calculations has changed fundamentally,
fundamentally changed.



Your customised cost calculation tool

With SIMILIA AI COST CALCULATOR, you get a SIMILIA extension that is tailored specifically to your company's needs. The AI tool enables precise cost calculations for 3D parts and items, no matter what their size or complexity. Say goodbye to time-consuming manual calculations - our extension speeds up the entire process considerably, without compromise.

Substantial calculations for 3D parts and articles.

Whether you want to determine the costs for 3D parts and articles or another target figure - the SIMILIA AI COST CALCULATOR is flexible and precise. Our AI technology can take into account various calculation parameters and provides you with accurate data, regardless of your chosen target figure. With SIMILIA COST CALCULATOR you get results that are precisely tailored to your data.





you can optimise your
cost calculation.


See for yourself.

Consistent "easy-to-use" concept

SIMILIA AI COST CALCULATOR can be seamlessly integrated into the SIMILIA interface. This means that you can enjoy all the benefits of advanced cost calculation directly within your familiar SIMILIA environment. This seamless integration allows you to work smoothly and efficiently without having to switch between different applications. Increase your productivity and benefit from the powerful functions of AI COST CALCULATOR within the familiar SIMILIA interface.

Data security & IP protection

Data security and the protection of your intellectual property rights are of utmost importance to us. The SIMILIA AI COST CALCULATOR guarantees the highest level of data security and IP protection. Your confidential information and data form the basis of this AI and never leave your company at any time. Guaranteed without third-party data. Guaranteed no cloud. Guaranteed data control.
The SIMILIA AI COST CALCULATOR is designed for industrial use for maximum data security and IP protection.

Discover also: SIMILIA AI PRO

SIMILIA AI PRO allows you to calculate several target figures at the same time on the basis of a large number of variables. This enables an even more comprehensive calculation that promotes transparency and traceability in your work. As part of our SOLUTION ELEMENTS, SIMILIA AI PRO can also be seamlessly integrated with other SIMILIA modules to give you even more options. No matter how complex your calculations are, SIMILIA AI PRO handles them effortlessly and speeds up the calculation process considerably, even with multiple target variables and variables.

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