The GATEKEEPER extension is the solution for automated and cross-system data reconciliation.

Automated data reconciliation controls approval processes and increases data quality. Duplicates are already identified and prevented before creation.


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Automations inform about duplicates in time

Thresholds are easily and individually configurable - across systems

Your existing processes and workflows remain unchanged

Regular and cross-system reconciliation of data - fully automated


Although companies have clear processes and guidelines for creating new data records, duplicates or similar material masters are created repeatedly. Especially in the case of several development sites in larger companies, synergy effects cannot be used and the amount of data increases uncontrollably. The GATEKEEPER extension enables you to check your new part fully automatically against more than 150,000 data records with regard to similarity.

Before releasing a part, you check whether there is already an identical or similar part in your dataset and avoid duplicate records in your systems.

Gatekeeper Pro

GATEKEEPER PRO is coupled with the SIMILIA AUTOMATION extension and has the advantage that the checks are not only carried out once a day, but whenever new parts are assigned the respective status. This is particularly advantageous when many parts are created from different locations and the period from development status to release is very short, i.e. less than 12 hours. Optionally, geometric matching can be combined with matching of selected attributes. The GATEKEEPER PRO can be configured via SIMILIA AUTOMATION using the respective control functions.

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Funktionen im Überblick

Features at a glance

It MUST inform in time

If a previously defined threshold value, also called similarity value in geometric matching, is exceeded, SIMUFORM GATEKEEPER automatically triggers an alarm that can be configured in your system landscape.

Above all, it MUST work fully automatically

For each article that is stored in the data folder or checked in to the PDM system, GATEKEEPER performs a complete geometric reconciliation across the entire dataset fully automatically - without manual interaction.

It MUST be a proven technique

The SIMUFORM Gatekeeper checks for the presence of duplicates and multiply created articles using SIMUFORM's sophisticated technology.

The threshold value MUST be adjustable

The critical threshold for geometric matching can be freely configured. This means that less similar components can also be identified.

Existing processes MUST remain unchanged

In general, GATEKEEPER does not interfere with or change any defined processes or workflows in the company. In parallel, however, the user is given the option of having workflows and processes checked automatically and of intervening in good time if a critical state is reached.

Data is checked at least once a day

In contrast to the GATEKEEPER PRO, the GATEKEEPER performs such an adjustment once a day. It is a time-controlled process.

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Duplicate check

Situationsbeschreibung / Vier gewinnt

Example situation

Imagine that a review process on incoming requests can happen at any location in your company, but you get centralized and referenced feedback within seconds.

At location A, you receive an inquiry that has already been processed at location B in the past. But you know nothing about it. As a calculator at location A, you receive a confirmation within seconds with a direct reference to the data of the preliminary costing, a jump to the ERP or other information about the transaction already processed at location B.

<center>Your benefits</center>

For similar requests, you can refer to the referenced calculation.

You deliberately reference your bid prices and reduce price dispersion.

You have more time to deal with the interesting requests and thus increase the quality of the offer.

For standard requests, you can automatically send a standard price to your customer in connection with your ERP system. The price can be easily determined and offered for C-requests.

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