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SIMILIA ItemCollector

The most efficient way to create
something new from what is already there.

The latest powerful enhancement in SIMILIA -.
the turbocharger for product development.

Usable as a list of favorites or as a virtual project
of your new asset - unleash your creativity!

Sustainability - Effectiveness - Efficiency...

...are the foundations of modern product development.
Product development is thus experiencing an innovation.
The advantages of the ItemCollector:
Versatile use.
Possibility of data exchange.
Increasing sustainability in the company.



SIMILIA ItemCollector at a glance

The new functionality offers you maximum flexibility and creativity. Create something new with all your inventory items and components. All the data is at your disposal. Create new "virtual" assets, products and components. Generate a projected bill of materials. Feed the data back into CAD or calculate project prices on an actual cost basis. You have many opportunities to become more sustainable, economical and efficient.

Create something new without any wastage.

Sustainability starts with...

...reusing inventory and available resources in the best possible way, without additional effort and without loss, and to scale its value. With ItemCollector you implement the best possible reuse through efficient and individual parts management. You thus create something new from what is already there, remain creative and waste no time. You gain speed, minimize your friction losses and avoid redundancy.


Consistent "easy-to-use" concept

The ItemCollector is embedded in the SIMILIA software. Thus, with just a few clicks, it is possible to save, edit or even add selected parts, items, components or entire products and plants. Researched parts and components can easily be transferred to a personal category. Be it via the full text search, via the filters or via the geometric similarity search. The handling is intuitive and simple.

Improve the proven

When creating products and special machines, it has become established practice to create copies of existing plants and then adapt them. These copies consume a lot of memory and make the new plant sluggish in CAD handling. They cause a large number of duplicates and multiple plants. This is all unnecessary.

With the ItemCollector the necessary parts and components are not copied, but links of the original elements are created. These can be modified, interactively moved and changed in number. In the process, not a single duplicate is created in the inventory. The data remains clean and easy to handle.

Your own structure for parts and components

You want to design a new asset for a customer? You already know that components of several, different plants can be used in combination with each other as templates for this. Research all relevant data with the full power of SIMILIA and find the necessary information. Simply transfer them to your new project, change the number of pieces, delete elements or add other elements again. All very simple but effective.

Export this list as Excel for project costing on an actual cost basis and use the data structure for a CAD importer.

Updated project bill of materials

By changing the components in your project, the project bill of material is automatically adjusted and updated. Multiple components and individual parts are taken into account according to their frequency. This means that it is not necessary to manually edit the project bill of materials.

Export the project bill of materials together with the actual costs. This way you will have a cost calculation for the new project in a short time.

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