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you can compare any CAD model
with your reference in seconds.

Multi-CAD technology makes use even more flexible

Do you want to compare and overlay STEP, JT or IGES models with your project data from NX, CATIA or Creo when reviewing customer requests?

No problem. With Part Overlay you can directly compare all common CAD formats. The models do not need a uniform format for this. There is no easier and faster way to visualize, compare and validate your projects.

Simply overlay 3D data for comparison

After identifying relevant parts, you can quickly visualize differences and deviations from the reference part by superimposing them. The superimposition of the models is fully automatic without manual interaction. The user can make a readjustment if necessary.


Whether you want to visualize a component or assembly from your inventory or an external component from the customer or supplier easily and quickly. With SIMILIA this is no problem. You don't need any additional CAD or viewer licenses. Everything is already included in SIMILIA. Visualizing has never been so fast and so easy.


The little things are most important? Use SIMILIA to interactively create sections through your model and take a look at the "inner workings" of your models. Especially in the case of overlays, you will be interested in overlaps inside the components. It could hardly be simpler.

Integrated dimensioning

You want to read a measurement on the model? No problem. In SIMILIA, dimensioning lengths, distances and radii is an effortless task. Everything is done without additional CAD software. SIMILIA - one solution for everything: Find - Compare - Visualize.

Advantage: You can make a decision directly, without having to repeat the comparison in a CAD program or ask other departments for support.

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Top 5 most frequently asked questions about SIMILIA


How much does the software cost?

The software is available from 3.280,- €* (net) annually per floating license. Individual licenses can be cancelled annually.

Price list

* for annual payment

How much does it cost to put the software into operation?

For the commissioning of the overall solution SIMUFORM offers commissioning packages at a fixed price. These costs can be called up here:

Price list

Which CAD formats are supported by SIMILIA?

All standard CAD formats and interface formats are supported:

  • - Autodesk Inventor
  • - Dassault CATIA (Catia v4 / V5 / V6)
  • - Dassault SolidWorks
  • - PTC Creo Param
  • - Siemens NX
  • - Siemens SolidEdge
  • - Spatial ACIS
  • - STEP
  • - JT (B-rep empfohlen)
  • - Parasolid
  • - IGS
  • - VDAFS
  • - STL
  • - CGM

Other formats such as Visicad, HiCad, CreoElementsDirect on request.

Is a classification required?

No - SIMUFORM's search technology does not require any classification, structuring of the data or any preparatory preparation. A heterogeneous database from different CAD formats, inconsistent naming and incomplete master data can be searched very quickly without any problems.

More information to learn On our blog (click here).

Can assemblies be found as well?

Yes - With SIMUFORM's search technology, the geometric search or the geometric part search, can be done for single parts as well as for assemblies.

For more information, see our blog titled: Checklist for introducing geometric part search (click here).

Do you have a more specific question?

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Whether you have questions about the technology, installation or software. Here are the answers.

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Learn how SIMILIA can benefit you in our webinars and videos. Inform in a targeted manner.

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Contact us and get to know SIMILIA in a live demo.

In a free live demo, we will show you how you too can find and compare your 3D & master data faster than ever before. See for yourself why leading companies from various industries are already thrilled about SIMILIA software and our solutions.

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