With the SIMILIA software, your
strategic parts management
more optimized, easier, faster.

Speed up your product development process with strategic parts management. Save costs. With SIMILIA, time-consuming rulebooks for classification are a thing of the past. With SIMILIA, you reduce your parts diversity, save duplicate work and search times.


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The efficient search functions with SIMILIA reduce your product development costs. Rely on optimized parts management with SIMUFORM.

Efficient and strategic parts management for your 3D CAD data with the SIMILIA software solution

SIMILIA software from SIMUFORM helps you to find 3D CAD parts in a more optimized, easier and faster way, to avoid duplicates and to manage CAD designs. Optimized parts management with SIMILIA software from SIMUFORM allows you to automatically integrate and manage parts you have created yourself. Reduce your costs in the long term throughout the entire product development process. The software solution for optimized parts management SIMILIA helps to reduce your product development costs already in the design and development phase by effective search function.

Integration into existing workflows

The software for your strategic parts management, "SIMILIA" by SIMUFORM, knows no system-related limitations. It enables an efficient search across system and database boundaries. The software is multi-CAD capable and can process data from different data sources in parallel. At the same time, it can be connected to your ERP, PDM or DMS system and other information sources. It closes the gap between system worlds in the company, overcoming departmental and language barriers in a simple but efficient way. This enables you to optimize your internal processes and provides all design engineers with complete and up-to-date component information at a glance, anytime, anywhere. Quite fast and simple.

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Benefits & Advantages with SIMILIA.

Strategically optimized parts management by SIMUFORM significantly reduces your search times for purchased and in-house parts by means of geometric similarity search. Reduce design times and your costs sustainably. Get a clear overview of your complete assortment of the respective suppliers and give your designers an insight into the product variety of the desired parts & articles. Speed up internal processes and reduce your error rates. With the SIMILIA software solution, discrepancies between CAD models and the products used later are avoided.


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With the SIMILIA software, you have access to all relevant data in the shortest possible time, without having to search your inventory manually as you used to. See for yourself how leading companies are already using the software solution. Download now our free Use Cases.

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