SIMILIA is the software to optimize your CAD data management.

With SIMILIA, you can accelerate your operational processes in the areas of costing, design, AV, manufacturing and purchasing. Optimizing your CAD data management ensures effective parts management.ment.

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Innovative search tools for effective and optimized CAD data management


SIMILIA is developed for use in plant and mechanical engineering, for use in the automotive industry, and for parts manufacturers and contract manufacturers alike, to optimize CAD data management.

SIMILIA is the modern parts management solution for your CAD data management. Discover new rationalization potentials in the value chain and demonstrably accelerate your product development process. SIMUFORM offers with the SIMILIA software a solution that generates an economically noticeable benefit in the different areas of your company, such as conception, product planning, design and development, work preparation and production planning, purchasing and materials management.

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Accelerate your operational<br>processes sustainably with SIMILIA in the areas:

Kalkulation & Vertrieb


Direkte Steigerung der Wettbewerbsfähigkeit durch Beschleunigung der Reaktionszeit bei Kundenanfragen.

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Software zur Optimierung Ihrer Konstruktions- und Entwicklungsabteilung


Sie steigern die Effizienz Ihres Unternehmens, konstruieren kostenbewusster und vermeiden Doppelarbeit.

Nutzen in der Entwicklung

Software zur Optimierung des Betriebsmittelbaus, der Arbeitsvorbereitung und der Fertigung


Totale Zeiteinsparung zum Beispiel im Bereich der CNC-Programmierung. Vermeiden Sie endlich unentdeckte Doppelarbeit.

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Software zur Optimierung des Einkaufs


Bündeln Sie Anfragen oder Bestellungen zu einer optimalen Preisverhandlung mit Lieferanten um den Prozess zu vereinfachen.

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With the SIMILIA software, you have access to all relevant data in the shortest possible time, without having to search your inventory manually as you used to. See for yourself how leading companies are already using the software solution. Download now our free Use Cases.

Successfully optimize business processes

Cost driver No. 1: Avoid superfluous material logs.

From our series: "How to successfully optimize your business processes".

Do you know this? You are supposed to design a new part or create a new quotation and start a search in your existing data. Despite a possibly careful classification of your data, you do not find a similar part or a suitable quotation for the template. Yes, you do - actually, you know that you have worked on something similar before. But it is now much too much effort to search for it for a long time and to check lists. So you just design or recalculate the part. Time expenditure? Depending on the complexity, the effort will probably be between 10 minutes and several hours.

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