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What are the system requirements?

The system requirements depend primarily on how many simultaneous search queries take place and how large the database is.

We recommend a hardware - also VM - with Windows Server (64bit) from version 2012.

Here is an example configuration for operation in a medium-sized company with about 200,000 items and 4 floating licenses:

Hardware: 4 Core @ 3.8 GHz, 8 - 12 GB RAM, hard disk space 10 GB for SIMUFORM® application plus space for SQL database (experience shows from 200 GB - depending on amount of data).

For PCs, standard workstation computers can be used, preferably MS Windows 8 or MS Windows 10. MS Windows 7 is now only conditionally supported with limited technical support due to the discontinuation of maintenance by Microsoft.

Which CAD formats are supported by SIMILIA?

All standard CAD formats and interface formats are supported:

- Autodesk Inventor
- Dassault CATIA
- Dassault SolidWorks
- PTC Creo
- Siemens NX
- Siemens SolidEdge
- Spatial ACIS
- JT (B-rep empfohlen)
- Parasolid

Other formats such as Visicad, HiCad, CreoElementsDirect on request.

Which PDM and ERP systems can be connected?

All available systems can be connected via SIMUFORM's standardized processes. Through this, older ERP systems such as an AS400 or a modern SAP ERP, an older MAXX-DB, Autodesk PSP as PDM or a new Teamcenter, Windchill, CDB, Keytech, SAP PLM etc. can be connected.

Which database is used?

The SIMUFORM KnowledgeBase uses a Postgre SQL database. The database version is kept up to date at regular intervals as part of the updates.

How often is the data updated?

As a rule, the data update in the KnowledgeBase (database) takes place once a day in a nightly cycle. This process can be triggered several times a day via the time control, if this makes sense and is desired.

Can multiple data sources be connected?

Yes - The number of data sources can also be expanded at any time.

Are other databases supported as well?

We alternatively support MS SQL and Oracle. This is associated with an additional charge for licensing external interfaces. We recommend the operation of the included Postgre SQL.

Do I need to provide a database?

No - SIMUFORM provides a SQL database for operation.

How is the software installed for users?

An installation in the conventional sense is not required for SIMILIA. SIMILA can be started directly via the network using a network share. This has the advantage that no local installations need to be maintained for updates and upgrades. This minimizes the administration effort for IT.

Can CAD interfaces be extended subsequently?

Yes - Subsequent expansion to include other CAD formats is possible without any problems.

Are virtual machines supported?

Yes - All SIMUFORM software components can be run on virtual machines.

Can the role and rights system be synchronized?

Yes - Processes can be managed via our server. Existing role and rights information for access control can also be taken into account.

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